Grade 7/8/9 A
Jul 16 - Jul 21
Programs & Availability Boys Girls Cost
Lake Canoe Full Full Free
Horsemanship N/A Full $110.00
White Water Rafting Open Full $115.00
Off-site Hike Full Full Free
Power-Tubing Full Full $105.00
Paintball Full Full $85.00
Grade 7/8/9 B
Aug 13 - Aug 18
Programs & Availability Boys Girls Cost
Lake Canoe Open Full Free
Horsemanship N/A Open $110.00
White Water Rafting Open Full $115.00
Off-site Hike Open Full Free
Power-Tubing Open Full $105.00
Paintball Open Open $85.00

Grades 7/8/9

Camps are based on the Grade the camper is entering Fall 2017.

DROP OFF will be on the SUNDAY camp starts from 4pm - 5:30pm.

PICK UP will be the Friday the camp ends at 6pm.


Our Junior High camps are what being a teenager is all about. We begin Sunday afternoon and are finished on the following Friday. There are seven campers in a cabin with one or two counselors, and you can request to be with friends or get to know some new friends.

There are many Camp activities in addition to the program option chosen. Crafts, Archery, Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Climbing Wall, High Ropes Course, Goliath Swing, Group Initiative Sites, Zip-Line, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Frisbee Golf and Mountain Boarding. Each day we have 2 fun and awesome events planned! Alberta summer camp for Jr highs at its finest! 


Activity Descriptions for Junior High:


Our Activity programs add great excitement and experience that go beyond the Lodge activities. And for Junior Highs the programs really open up at Camp Caroline Day Trip programs that take you away from the Lodge for one of your days at Camp Caroline. 

Whitewater Rafting Program on the Red Deer River about an hour and a half southwest of Camp Caroline. Mukwah Tours, who Camp has worked with for years, has always taken our campers on an amazing adventures while upholding the best standards in saftey. Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting in a safe and fun environment.   

Off-site Hiking trip to see the sights from the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

Lake Canoe Program is a great way to spend a day away from the Lodge at a beautiful lake 20 minutes from Camp Caroline. 

Power Tubing  gets you on the lake enjoying an afternoon in the sunshine and beautiful times in the water. 

Horsemanship Program is 3 hours of  horsemanship experience in our arena and on our trails spread throughout the week for beginner- intermediate riders. The first ride is spent in the outdoor arena learning skills needed for the trail ride and playing games. Riders are taught to ask their horse to go ahead, turn with a direct rein, back and most importantly stop. Also with these older riders we challenge them to learn the ways horses respond to pressure. As this is the root of horsemanship. Our main focus is to keep the ride as safe as possible. The next ride is often on the trail where the riders use the skills they learned earlier to maintain control of their horse at a walk and jog. We play games like Simon says, rock on a post and egg and spoon to challenge even the most experience riders. 

Paintball Program Spend three hours of your camp week at our on-site outdoor paintball course learning how a paintball gun works and playing different games! The program is recreationally focused to involve players of all calibers and teach them some new skills.


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